7 Interior Design Trends Gaining Popularity in 2022

Home design trends come and go – sometimes slowly and sometimes by leaps and bounds. Styles that have been popular for years, eventually get overused and become outdated.

Whether you have lived in your home for years and feel it needs a style revamp, or you are just moving in and want your house to look like it’s straight out of a home magazine, you may want to look ahead to see what the next trends are for homes.

Here are 7 interior design trends that are gaining popularity in 2022.

1. Multifunctional Spaces or Multifunctional Furniture

The “new normal” of remote working has made people reconsider their living spaces. Multi-use spaces become more permanent, and people start to think about the practicality of living within a space, for instance turning your living room to part-office or your guest room to office-workout room.
Occupying a smaller living space? Then be smart with multipurpose furniture choices. There are plenty of brilliant furniture pieces that provide diverse functionalities, such as a bed with storage solutions, or a dressing table that converts into a desk.

2. Opting for High-Tech or “Smart” Homes

In the era of digitalization and technological advancement, adoption of high-tech or “smart” appliances is becoming key. Adding high-tech security and automation solutions, smart tech furniture such as lamp tables with charging ports or dressing tables with LED lights, or just opting for appliances with app management and voice control features are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives.

3. Bringing Nature Inside

Having spent most of our times indoors while going through the pandemic, many of us have been developing the urge of strengthening our connection with nature. And hence, it makes total sense that we are now starting to bring outdoor elements indoors. Not only can we do that by introducing more light and displaying plants inside the home, but also bringing pieces that incorporate raw natural materials and earthy colors, such as tones of browns and greens. All of these create a sense of calm, positive emotions and translate into our mental wellbeing.

4. Something Old – Something New

More people are starting to be concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion, and are seeking for sustainable fabrics, materials and furniture. And since there are now lots of new brilliant options in the market, incorporating vintage design and old elements is becoming one of the latest interior design trends.

5. Adopting Curves for Comfort

In a post-pandemic world, since we are spending more time at home, we subconsciously are seeking for comfort, safety and nurturing. And what a better way to do that than by letting go of sharp-edged design elements, and incorporating curvier interior design accents in our homes, such as curved tables, sofas or home décor. Remember, clean, crisp lines and sharp edges are affiliated with harshness, while curved forms and soft lines initiate a calming and protective effect.

6. Bold Textures and Cozy Color Palettes

This year whites, greys and neutrals are taking a back seat as we start to experiment with bold colors, different textures and patterns. Instead of the whites and cooler colors, we are opting for warmer alternatives that make people feel cozier and earthier. Bold textures and prints are also gaining popularity since they bring joy and uniqueness to our living space.

7. Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor living has been steadily growing in popularity for years. But this year it has propelled to the top of home owner’s wish list. Having a space to step out for fresh air is a must-have. Even if your backyard, porch or patio is small, there are ways to turn it into a space where you can work, relax or entertain. Bringing interior décor and comfort outdoors will add a unique vibe to your life.

Most of these trends are interchangeable depending on you as an individual. If you are thinking of lightning up your space and life, just opt in for one or two changes, and trust us, this will make you feel recharged and ready for the real world again.

This Blog is made available for informational purposes only. All writers’ opinions are their own and do not constitute financial, tax, legal, insurance, or investment advice in any way whatsoever. This Blog should not be used as a substitute for competent financial, tax, legal, insurance, or investment advice. Arzuman Brothers always encourages you to perform your own individual research and/or reach out to a qualified professional advisor regarding your own situation.

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