The AB Homebuying Process

AB uniquely offers advantages no other company can. Our in-house departments make buying luxury homes easier than ever. The home buying process involves a lot of steps and decisions. We can guide you all the way through.​

1. Decide Location

When you are considering buying your dream home, location matters. We build and sell luxury homes in Southern California’s most prime locations – from Manhattan Beach to Pacific Palisades, from West Hollywood to Toluca Lake, and high-end westside communities. If you have questions about a specific community, our knowledgeable sales consultants are here to help.

2. Choose Your Home Style

So many considerations have to be made when deciding on your ideal home style, including your desired home size, architectural style and indoor and outdoor features. Budget also becomes a factor. AB homes are built to the latest luxury trends and are set apart by our commitment to quality.

3. Consider Timing

When do you want to move? How fast do you want to be in your dream home? These questions determine whether buying an existing new home or building from scratch is the right path for you. We are committed to making both buying or building your dream home as effortless as possible.

4. Finalize the Process

Once you have chosen your location, home style and selected which home is ideal for you, the buying process moves into the final stages, which includes finalizing your finances, and paperwork; touring, and inspecting your home; then closing escrow; and moving in. AB walks beside you through the entirety of this process until your dream home is yours.

Whether to buy or to build

Do you own a lot?

Income and price

The neighborhood
you want to live in

When you want to move

Are there homes available in your desired location?

Your desired size of home

The architectural style you like

The indoor and outdoor
features you want

We can help answer your homebuying questions and make it easy for you to buy your dream home.

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