AB Difference

Unlike your typical general contractor, we are a complete design and building solution provider. Poor planning, unrealistic expectations, risk and time management, miscommunication, mismanaged scheduling, dealing with City/County permits as well as dealing with unorganized subcontractors are some of the countless challenges in a home construction process. Because we handle all areas of expertise in-house, including real estate, design, construction and architecture, we deliver the easiest way to build or buy a new luxury home for you. Through our automated management system and innovative technological approach, we are here to eliminate uncertainty, deliver highest standards, and strive to ensure you have the house of your dreams within your projected time and budget.

The highest standards.
We call it The AB Difference.

  • Premium materials, luxury brands
  • Internal inspections and quality control
  • 10 Year Limited Structural Guarantee

We offer floor plans that are both flexible and functional.

  • Expertly designed with consumer-first planning
  • Versatile living spaces
  • Insightful features

Choose from 3 luxury designs, and select features that make it your own.

  • Innovative architectural designs
  • Premium options for different budgets
  • Smart home features

We make it easy to plan, design and build a home that’s perfect for you.

  • Expert AB consultants help you select your new home
  • AB designers help you make it yours
  • Proven build process with exceptional customer care

At AB, we truly believe that buying and building a luxury home should be a fun and enjoyable process for you.

Working on Your Own

Finding the right qualified and licensed professionals can be a major headache:

i.e. Architect; Engineer; Interior Designer; Landscape Designer; General Contractor; Subcontractors; Deputy Inspectors; Plan Checkers; Multiple Divisions with Municipalities.

Initializing pre-development meetings with all the parties can be daunting and time consuming:

With over 25 permits and clearances; hundreds of interior and exterior design options; project details, and assessment of engineering plans, missing any detail can lead to cost increases and delays.

Handling all procurement processes on your own can be troublesome and risky:

Sourcing materials, estimating costs, and putting together a preliminary construction budget can lead to various details being overlooked.

Acting as the General Contractor and Project Manager can lead to schedule delays and cost overruns:

From the architectural design, to interior/exterior design, material sourcing and construction, juggling communication between all the parties involved can increase the risk of miscommunication.

Managing over 3,000 documents can be daunting:

Navigating and communicating all contracts, lien releases, receipts, insurance certificates, material orders, etc... will increase the risk of human error, and slow down the project.

Lack of knowledge in the various trades can lead to accepting work which is not up to par:

Assessing the completed work of each and every trade is an important step in ensuring quality. Understanding every intricate detail contained in the various trades is imperative to properly assess the work.

Managing funds and having free cash flow can be overwhelming:

Initiating payments to subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, designers, architects, permits, etc… on a regular basis can be challenging, and can lead to delays.

Achieving the high-end design and construction desired can be difficult when on your own.

Ensuring accuracy of the work with all subcontractors, passing all final inspections, and obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy will be difficult.

Working with AB

With AB, all facets of the pre-construction and construction process are in-house:

You’ll never get caught up being the middle man or the excuse for any miscommunication between all the parties involved.

Streamlined planning and architectural design:

From schematic design, floor plans and elevations, to obtaining all permits, interior/exterior design and finishes, hardscape design and finishes, to landscape design and plants, AB’s years of experience allows us to ensure every detail is accounted for, prior to breaking ground.

Value engineering to meet our clients’ budgets:

Addressing all engineering needs, calculations, ordering all materials and supplies in a timely manner, eliminating any delays and disruptions of the construction process.

Having all the departments under one roof for an efficient design and building process:

Offering a fluid, technology-focused approach when coordinating between various trades, managing the design process, allocating tasks, routing equipment, and distributing materials, ensures collaboration and accountability.

Mitigating risk of liens through automated systems:

AB uses automated systems and integrated software to manage all legal documents for lien releases, and aligning construction processes, workflows and various check lists, eliminating delays and headaches.

Conducting internal quality control inspections throughout the entire construction process:

AB has a systematic approach in managing all subcontractors, their agents, and employees adhering to all construction documents, contracts, design details, processes, codes, and regulations.

Offering a clear and specific payment breakdown:

A predetermined payment system allows our clients to understand at which phases payments are due, providing ample time to plan their finances, and ensuring all subcontractor/vendor payments are up to date.

Providing peace of mind through quality services and 10 Year Warranty:

AT AB, we ensure the passing of all final inspections, obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy, connecting all utilities, and providing you assurance through our 10 Year Warranty. See our Warranty Page.

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