Your bathroom comes equipped with top-tier fixtures and surfaces. The protective coatings maintain their look and functionality. Here’s a guide to ensure they last.

General Care

  • Run exhaust fans or open windows to remove moisture from the bathroom.
  • Clean bathroom mirrors with an ammonia-free cleaner.

Shower and Tub

  • Clean the shower with an ordinary dishwashing detergent unless hard water minerals have been deposited. If hard water minerals have been deposited, use a commercial glass cleaner. Never use steel wool or scouring pads on the metal portion of shower enclosures. 
  • Clean the bathtub with a foaming bath and tile cleaner to remove normal soil. Don’t use any type of abrasive on the bathtub.
  • For fiberglass tubs and showers use a fiberglass cleaner found at most grocery stores.


  • Bathroom toilets are durable fixtures made of vitreous china, a clay that’s glazed for a smooth surface, which can become scratched if cleaned improperly.
  • Pay special attention to the holes located under the bowl rim. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, they can become clogged and cause the toilet to malfunction.
  • Only use toilet bowl cleaner on the inside of the toilet bowl.
  • To clean the outside of the toilet, use a standard bathroom cleaner.
  • If the toilet continues to run after flushing, inspect the flapper and valve float in the toilet tank, and replace if necessary.
  • Safety Tip: Refrain from flushing grease, hair, lint, rubbish, diapers, or facial tissues.

Safety Note:

Condensation on the tank's exterior may appear like a leak but is a natural occurrence.

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