Build Your Dream Home

While many are looking to move quickly and still want the benefits of buying a new home, others have a more specific vision of what they want their luxury home to be.

If that’s you, then we make building your dream home easy. You can select from our portfolio of home plans and work with our expert design team to select high-end options that help make this home your own. Building your dream home from the ground up may take a little longer, but in the end, it’s worth it if you have a specific vision for your dream home.

Building your dream home with AB is the fastest, most stress-free way to build a home. We are a reputable company and have all aspects of the building process in-house. There is no reason to evaluate, interview or price out different vendors, we are a one-stop luxury home building company that provides the best of what you need — including architecture, construction, procurement, project management and more, all with a new home warranty you can trust.

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