Heating and Cooling

Southern California rarely gets too cold, but during the summer your cooling system should be prepared for higher temperatures. Proper and professional maintenance of your heating and cooling system is needed to keep your luxury home at its peak of comfort.

Here are some tips:

  • Once a year, or more, have a professional check all units according to your units’ instruction manuals.
  • During off-seasons, you should turn on and run your heating and cooling system at least once. The system should not be out of operation for extended lengths of time.
  • Replace or clean the filter monthly (or have a professional do it) for maximum efficiency. The manufacturer’s manual can guide you if you want to do it yourself.
  • Set your thermostat to comfortable temperatures for you and your family. Recommended thermostat settings are 72°F for heating and 78°F for cooling.
  • On hot days, close drapes and blinds to block heat. On cold, but sunny days, open window coverings to speed heating.

* Always use a certified technician for servicing or repairing your heating and cooling system. And see manufacturer’s manual for more information on maintenance.

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