Personalize Your Home

AB works with you every step of the way to deliver a complete solution for obtaining your luxury dream home.

But we know everyone wants their home to reflect more of their own personal choices. And thus, once you’re done choosing your home plan, you’ll meet with our design experts in the AB Design Center in our Showroom. We stay on top of the latest cutting-edge trends in home design, and our expert design team hand picks each option to assure you are choosing options that feature the utmost quality and style.

Our Step-By-Step Design Process

Step 1: Design Center Meeting

Visit our Design Center, and meet with your personal AB Design Consultant. Discuss your vision, so that your consultant can help you choose the design options right for you.

Step 2: Exterior Selections

Choose your home’s style along with your trim, colors, front door, garage door, exterior lighting and more.

Step 3: Smart Home Features

Select the latest ”Smart Home” features to make your life effortless, convenient and more efficient than ever.

Step 4: Kitchen Design

Choose from the latest design in kitchen countertops, cabinets, storage, and appliances to create your ideal kitchen.

Step 5: Bathroom Options

This is where function meets style. Select options that include countertop, faucets, the vanity and tile.

Step 6: Flooring Choices

Choose from the latest trends in wood, tile and carpet flooring. Our design team can help you identify option that fit your lifestyle.

Step 7: Wall Finishes

Torn between choosing a luxury wallpaper, Italian plaster or high quality, durable paint? Our Design Consultants can help you choose the best option for you in the latest trends.

Step 8: Complete Your Vision

After you and your Design Consultant have carefully chosen the personal details of your new home, we’ll finalize everything and begin to create your design book.

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