We Value our Realtor Partnerships

If you’re a realtor with a client who wants to buy a luxury home or build one on their own Los Angeles property, you won’t find a more profitable realtor opportunity than working with Arzuman Brothers.

Help Your Client Build

If you know a homeowner interested in building a luxury home on their existing lot in Southern California, refer them to AB and earn a bonus for each referral. There are no limits to how many referrals you can earn, so send clients our way and grow your realtor business.

Bring a Homebuyer

Introduce your luxury homebuyer to our exclusive listings, and forget the MLS and crazy bidding wars. AB buyers gain the opportunity to choose the design finishes of their new luxury home, and you can earn your commission with ease.

Happy Realtors

“I recently represented a family looking for a brand-new construction home in Studio City. AB was planning on putting the home into the MLS but was nice enough to accept our offer. They made the transaction easy and the home passed all inspections with flying colors. Incredible property! “ – Donovan, LA realtor

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Let us help grow your business and offer your clients our latest solutions to build or buy their dream home.

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