I decided to sell my

I decided to sell my house and reviewed letters I had received from companies seeking to make an offer on my house. I phoned Arzuman Brothers and spoke to Andrew Vi. Andrew arranged a meeting at my house with Arman Arzuman and I mentioned the price I thought was at the market. Arman agreed to my price and we made the deal. Arman, offered conditions of the purchase that were generous. I was given about 4 months after accepting the offer to move out and he said he would recommend movers which I used. They were efficient, did not break anything. Because I was overloaded with things to do prior to moving I asked Andrew if he knew anyone who could help me pack my household possessions. Andrew gave me the name and phone number of a lady who could assist me in packaging my household items. I used her and she was efficient, flexible in her time availability, and did a great job. If issues came up Arman and I discussed them and came to reasonable solutions that were satisfactory to both of us. I found him to be fair through all of the steps involved in completing the sale of my house. I would recommend that anyone seeking to sell their house contact Arman and Andrew at Arzuman Brothers.

Louella Ave, Venice