Those people who have watched

Those people who have watched the ABC television program “SHARK TANK” may think that all successful businessmen operate in a predatory and greedy manner and that the only object is to extract as much money from their victims as possible. Those who have been through a recent encounter buying a car or with a door-to-door sales call may think that all business negotiations are filled with high pressure, half-truths, hidden costs, deceptive tactics and legal-eze language. These are the facts that experience has taught people to watch out for whenever they are in any type of a business relationship.

I want to report that there is a different type of business model in operation at some companies. One based on openness, honesty and fairness. A transaction where both sides gain. I experienced this dealing with Arman Arzuman, president of Arzuman Brothers and all of his associates. Every person in his organization has been friendly and helpful.

Arman bought our present house intending to rebuild one of his luxury homes. He helped us locate a new home to move to. His advice and assistance has been invaluable in making our transition move as smoothly as possible. He has been very kind and patient with us as well. Due to many personal situations, our move has been delayed several times. Arman has never rushed us and did not push us to get things moving before we were able to resolve our problems. My wife and I are grateful to him for his thoughtful and considerate attitude.

If anyone is considering selling his house, I sincerely recommend UFG for an honest and fair assessment of your individual situation. If you are considering purchasing a luxury home, I can also recommend UFG. I have watched one being constructed next door to me and I can verify that careful construction was performed and the quality of design is evident.