Trends in Eco-Friendly Home Design

Environmental awareness has become a universal value with people becoming more sensitive to the environmental destruction, and more conscious about how their actions will affect the planet. We’ve started thinking not only about our health and wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of our planet. And thus, eco-friendly designs have become more of a trend in recent years. 

Whether you’re updating your home design to make it eco-friendlier and more sustainable, or building a new house with “green” features in mind, here are some trends you can easily follow.

Eco-Friendly Structural Features

There are structural features that you can include in your home in order to create energy and heat, such as open floor plans, large windows, open staircases and vertical building integration concept.

Open floor plans just like large windows are not only modern, but also allow the free flow of air throughout the space. All the rooms in this case get plenty of natural light, heating and cooling.
Another eco-friendly option is swapping your traditional staircase to something more open, such as the spiral staircase, which doesn’t interrupt light and allows free air flow. Lastly, you can keep your home’s environmental impact small if you keep your home’s footprint small by building it vertically.  

Sustainable Building Materials

If you want to go “green”, start using materials that have a low environmental impact, and are durable, reusable and recyclable. 

Some of the most frequently used environmentally-friendly materials in construction are paints and wood treatments without solvents and chemical additions, recycled glass and plastic, reclaimed wood, etc… You can go green also by improving your insulation system (make sure these use eco-friendly substances, such as sheep’s wool, cotton or Icynene), by installing multi-pane windows and insulated window frames, as well as LED lighting, thermostats inside the house, and more.

When it comes to outdoor space, you can either use eco-friendly roof materials that incorporate plants on the roof, or go for solar panels, and install solar lamps around your house.

Smart Energy-Efficient Appliances 

You can easily improve your property’s energy-efficiency by upgrading your home appliances to eco-friendlier alternatives that will save you water and electricity. Smart fridges, dishwashers, stoves, washing and drying machines might look a bit costlier to purchase, but they will surely add up a lot of benefits not only for the Earth, but also for your pocketbook. And lastly, smarter appliances will definitely add the price tag on your property if and when you decide to sell it.

“Green” Interior Design

A “green” home doesn’t only refer to sustainable materials. The most important and obvious “green” interior design element you can incorporate is using plants and trees around your house. Not only will this liven up your space and bring greenery, but it will also purify the air inside your home in a natural way. For a more elevated look, you can add a wall complete with green plants.

Furthermore, you can also opt in for eco-friendly and sustainable home materials, such as organic cotton bedding sheets and upholstering, recycled decor, reclaimed wooden items, and other repurposed products. 

Eco-friendly home upgrades are not only a trend, but they make your home look stylish, comfortable, and become major assets in adding value to your home. 

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