Trends in Eco-Friendly Home Design

Environmental awareness has become a universal value with people becoming more sensitive to the environmental destruction, and more conscious about how their actions will affect the planet. We’ve started thinking not only about our health and wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of our planet. And thus, eco-friendly designs have become more of a trend in recent years. Whether you’re updating your home...

Understanding the Residential Real Estate Market Today

Whether you’re investing in the real estate market, thinking to fix-and-flip or just selling your home, understanding the housing market is critical. There are many factors that can impact the real estate prices, investment potential and your decision. Simply determining what market you’re in today can help you make the right decision when listing or buying your house. The primary factors that...

7 Interior Design Trends Gaining Popularity in 2022

Home design trends come and go - sometimes slowly and sometimes by leaps and bounds. Styles that have been popular for years, eventually get overused and become outdated. Whether you have lived in your home for years and feel it needs a style revamp, or you are just moving in and want your house to look like it's straight out of a home magazine, you may want to look ahead to see what the next trends are...

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